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Introducing EdCover, our new pricing protection program.

By Marta

May 9, 2023

Today, I'd like to tell you about a game-changer we've brought to Edvisor - EdCover.

We're incredibly happy about this launch because it tackles a crucial aspect of our platform - pricing.

At Edvisor, we're known for having the largest database of programs, filled with real-time information and pricing updates from educators themselves.

It's an incredible asset, but as someone once said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ so we're constantly brainstorming ways to make these prices and information more dynamic, user-friendly, and, above all, reliable.

That's where EdCover comes in!

EdCover is our brand-new pricing protection service, it allows educators to safeguard their prices on Edvisor, and provide their agents with accurate global pricing, at no additional cost for educators with an active Edvisor subscription!

🔗 They simply have to accept the terms and conditions detailed in this link and meet the requirements.

GuaranteedFor agencies, we've included an "EdCover" badge in the new search feature we recently released, which allows them to easily identify the prices that are covered, and those that aren't. They can also use the new 'EdCover' filter and hide all the programs that don't offer this protection. 

This way, agents can work with confidence, knowing that they have access to the most reliable information and are covered in case any mistakes occur.
*The feature is available to all the agencies on Edvisor, you don't have to do anything, just use the new search tool. 

Now, what happens if an agency comes across a pricing error?

If the price wasn't part of the EdCover program, our recommendation is for the agent to directly contact the educator. They can kindly request them to update their information on Edvisor or let them know about EdCover, and we'll help them out.

But here's the best part: if the price was under the EdCover protection, Edvisor takes full responsibility! That means we, at Edvisor, will compensate the agency for any inconvenience caused, and also reach out to the educator to fix the error or remove the EdCover tag. *Terms and Conditions apply.

This unprecedented in our industry, and we genuinely hope that this initiative brings us closer to our goal of providing the most accurate data for education agencies.

Ultimately, this will enhance the efficiency of collaboration between agencies and educators, which is at the core of our mission ✨

So, welcome to EdCover – your safety net for pricing accuracy and reliability at Edvisor!

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