The ultimate guide to making connections on Edvisor

By Marta Alarcón

Feb 28th, 2023

Are you looking to expand your network in the education industry? Whether you're an agency or an educator, Edvisor can help you find and connect with new partners and start working together in a digital, streamlined way.

When it comes to making connections, Edvisor works in a similar way to your social media channels, there are thousands of agents and educators ready to connect with each other. You can send and receive connection requests from them, just like you do on social media platforms.



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Some people might connect only with those they already know, as it normally happens on Facebook, while others might be more open and send connection requests to new companies they want to start working with, more like LinkedIn.

The connection process works the same way, the only difference is that on Edvisor, we connect companies to start working together, not just individual users.

So… are you ready to level up your networking game? Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the right connections on Edvisor.

*These tips can be useful if you are trying to find new partners but also if you're looking to locate your current partners on Edvisor and connect with them to start working together.

Tip 1: Accept your pending connection requests

Many people miss this step and miss the opportunity to connect with new partners that are interested in their programs or recruitment services, and that's a shame!

If you’ve been on Edvisor for a while, you might have your notifications inbox full of connection requests. Make sure to regularly check your pending connection requests and accept or reject them as appropriate.

Tip 2: Find partners by name

If you already know the name of a potential partner you'd like to connect with, you can use the discovery feature on your Edvisor platform to find them quickly and easily.

If you're unable to find the partner you're looking for by typing their name, it could be because of a misspelling or because they're not on Edvisor. If this happens, don't worry – just follow Tip #5! ;)


Tip 3: Use the discovery options

For agencies looking to find new educator partners, Edvisor's discovery feature allows you to search for educators by location or course type. For example, you can search for all the educators in Australia, or all the higher education institutions.

For educators looking to find new agency partners, you can search for agencies by recruiting or destination countries. For example, you can find all the agencies that recruit students from Turkey or all the agencies that send students to Malta.


Tip 4: Use the Edvisor ID

The Edvisor ID is our secret gem as not everybody knows about its existence. It is really useful if you are looking for a straightforward way to find a partner on Edvisor.

It works similarly to a Skype ID: each company on Edvisor has one, and partners can use it to connect directly with them without having to go through the whole search process.

If you know your partner's ID, you just need to enter it into the system and… voilà! the connection request is sent.


Tip 5: Connect via email

After all these tips, still can't find your partners on Edvisor? Don't worry, we've got you covered. If you are struggling to find your partners, you can send your connection requests via email. You'll just need to have a contact email, and they'll receive a notification in their inbox.

If they have an Edvisor account, they'll be able to connect with you by logging into their account. If they are not on Edvisor yet, they'll be taken to the sign-up form so they can get started with us and begin working with you.

Isn't that amazing? Follow these simple tips to start making connections on Edvisor today and streamline the way you work with your partners!

If you have any technical questions about how to find new partners, do not hesitate to contact our customer success team, they’ll be more than happy to help. If you aren't yet on Edvisor, wait no more and schedule a demo here!

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