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Student Insurance Finder. The One-Stop Shop for all your Travel Insurance needs

By Nira Santos

May 25th, 2022

As you might know, there are two options you can sell insurance with Edvisor:

  • Buying insurance for your students directly through your Edvisor.
  • Offering students a customized landing page where they can buy their insurance. 

In both cases, Edvisor offers you the best rates and controls the sales price you offer to your customers.  

Are you interested in the first option? Contact your Account Manager to activate the Insurance section on your platform.

Or, would you prefer that your students buy their own insurance and you still receive your commission? If so, keep on reading! 😎

A Smart Solution

At Edvisor we are always thinking and creating ways to empower your business. In a previous article, we discussed how to generate revenue with Edvisor's Insurance Marketplace. Now we want to take this further as we introduce you to a brand new gadget: Student Insurance Finder, the One-Stop Shop for all your Travel Insurance needs.

Edvisor has found an exciting new way for you to offer a 360 service to your students through the Student Insurance Finder landing page, which allows you to choose from the 100+ insurance options that Edvisor offers at the sales prices of your choosing.

In a nutshell, students can now search, quote and buy the travel insurance they’re looking forward to on a tailor-made landing page for your company as you generate instant income.


Why is Student Insurance Finder a Game Changer?

  • Edvisor will create a landing page that is unique to your organization including your company logo, brand and the language of your choosing. We’ll even give you a personalized URL that you can easily insert into your website, landing pages and student quotes!

  • Edvisor works with insurance providers worldwide, offering all types of coverage, from medical and travel assistance to cancellation coverage and destination-specific products such as OSHC for Australia, for instance. You just need to choose the products you want to display on your landing page!

  • Student Insurance Finder is designed to keep you updated on all the activities that you receive on your landing page. So, you will get automatic email notifications for all bookings processed. We’ll even notify you when a student cancels a booking or payment is declined, so you have clear tracking of your insurance business in your inbox!


Zero Hassle

Edvisor is designed to support the sustainable growth of your business and we don't like fine print or surprises, so we want to give you full clarity on your rights:

  • Edvisor is not a provider of international insurance and at no time, will your company or Edvisor be responsible for the insurance purchased by your students. We just make it easy for our partner companies to work together with world-class insurance providers. Therefore, any policy that your students purchase represents a direct agreement between them and the insurance provider.
  • You will always have 100% control over the providers' products that you commercialize and their cost.

Take a step forward, give the best service to your students, and get a better insurance commission

Check out this fantastic 3-minute video where our Commercial Director, Jamie Gibbs, gives you a quick introduction to the brave new world of Student Insurance Finder.




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