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Introducing EdCommerce: The ultimate e-commerce solution for education businesses.

By Marta

May 10, 2023

Get ready to take your education business to the next level with our groundbreaking new tool, EdCommerce

EdCommerce is an innovative e-commerce solution designed exclusively for the international education industry. It provides you with everything you need to start selling online.

Picture this: within a matter of hours, you can transform your website into a fully functional online store that generates sales 24/7! 💥

That's right! EdCommerce allows students to effortlessly browse, quote, and purchase programs and services directly from your website. With this new tool, your business is always open and ready to serve students, no matter where they are in the world.

What sets EdCommerce apart from the rest?

1. It is tailored to meet the unique demands of education businesses.

Currently, there are multiple generic e-commerce tools available in the market, but they are designed for the online purchase of products, and do not cater to the specific needs of the education industry.

EdCommerce was specifically designed with our industry in mind, providing all the necessary tools for you to embark on the journey of online sales!

2. It requires minimal investment.

If generic e-commerce tools didn't work for you, the only option you had was to build your own tool, which requires a significant investment of time and money.

EdCommerce has this technology already available for all agencies and educators at pretty reasonable price. Hurry up, we have an early bird promotion available 😉! ➡️

3. You can easily connect it to Edvisor.

EdCommerce is seamlessly connected to your Edvisor account, this means you can get all the programs, pricing and information straight from your platform, enjoy real-time pricing updates and eliminate the hassle of manual data entry. 

💡 You also have the flexibility to add your own custom programs if needed!

4. It is fully customizable.

We believe that every education business is unique, and EdCommerce reflects that belief. It is fully customizable, giving you the freedom to personalize your website's appearance.

And the best part? You have complete control over what you display and hide, ensuring that your offerings perfectly align with your business goals.

5. It doesn't replace counselors, it empowers them with high-end technology. 

We understand the importance of maintaining the human experience, even in an increasingly digital landscape. That's why EdCommerce comes equipped with email and in-app live chat features, empowering counselors to engage with students on a personal level, but trough a digital channel.

Now, you can provide exceptional support and guidance while leveraging the convenience of online communication—a win-win for both you and your students.

Ready to revolutionize your education business with EdCommerce? We're excited to offer all Edvisor customers an exclusive discounted price for a limited time, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to supercharge your online sales!

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