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By Nira Santos

December 5th, 2023

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The ATC Summer portfolio is expanding with two new junior programs for 2024!

ATC Language Cent


πŸ”— ATC Language School

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: atclanguage

 πŸ“ Bray, Ireland

πŸ—ƒοΈ New Programs

In language education, ATC Language Schools shines with two new immersive programs designed to amplify linguistic skills while embracing cultural adventures.

Queen’s University Belfast: History Meets Language Learning 

From June 29th to July 31st, ATC introduces a residential program at Queen’s University Belfast, inviting students aged 13-17 to delve into a full-board language experience. Amidst ensuite accommodations, students engage in informative English language classes and explore Next Generation topics, participate in Conversation Club, and enjoy workshops on Vlogging, Photography, and STEAM activities.

Beyond the classroom, weekly full-day excursions, local half-day trips, campus activities, and engaging evening events ensure a holistic experience. This program promises language enrichment intertwined with lasting memories.

Bray Dunluice House Summer Programme: Coastal Bliss

ATC presents a summer program for a coastal setting in Bray, just 35 minutes south of Dublin, from June 29th to August 31st. Tailored for ages 13-17, this program combines STEAM workshops and General English classes in mixed groups. Host families within walking distance create a warm environment for groups and individuals.

Like the Belfast program, Bray offers weekly full-day excursions, half-day local trips, on-campus activities, and diverse evening events. Students not only enhance language skills but also soak in Irish culture.

ATC Language Schools crafts an ideal blend of traditional language learning and contemporary activities. Whether within the historic walls of Queen’s University or along the shores of Bray, these programs promise an unforgettable summer of language development and cultural exploration.

Perfect for agencies seeking quality language experiences, ATC ensures students learn a language and create enduring memories.





Cork English Academy's Exclusive Black-Tember Offer!


πŸ”— Cork English Academy

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: corkenglishacademy

 πŸ“ Cork, Ireland

πŸ—ƒοΈ New Promotion


Cork English Academy (CEA) stands as a beacon for language learners worldwide in the heart of Cork City, Ireland. As a recognized and accredited English language school, they take pride in equipping international students with the skills and confidence to thrive in English-speaking environments.

At CEA, their commitment goes beyond conventional language education. They aim to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional value in every aspect of our programs. As they approach the end of the year, they extend a special invitation to student recruitment agencies – join them for Black-Tember and unlock unparalleled opportunities for your students.

Black-Tember Sale: Seizing Opportunities 

This November and December, they invite your agency to capitalize on Black-Tember, a unique promotion offering exclusive rates for courses starting in 2023 or 2024. The limited spaces available make now the perfect time to secure these advantageous prices.

Irresistible Offers for Your Students: Black-Tember Sale Summary

  • Afternoon Advantage: Avail a 30% discount on EU and short-term bookings for afternoon classes.
  • Work and Study Morning TIE: Enjoy a substantial €835 discount.
  • Work and Study Morning IELTS: Benefit from a saving of €835.
  • Work and Study Afternoon TIE: Secure a significant discount of €1215.
  • School Registration Fee: A modest €65 applies to Work and Study bookings. 
Act Now – Limited Spaces, Maximum Value!

Encourage your students to book today at the exclusive Black-temper price, ensuring their spot in this language adventure while offering spaces last. Cork English Academy is more than just a language school; it's a gateway to linguistic excellence and a future filled with possibilities.

The time is now, the offer is limited – don't let your students miss out!


CELTA New Intake + FREE Accommodation - Limited Offer!

IELS Malta


πŸ”— IELS Malta

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: ielsmalta

 πŸ“ Malta

πŸ—ƒοΈ New Programs


Agents, here's a game-changer for your students: the Cambridge CELTA Course at IELS Malta. CELTA is a globally recognized qualification that opens doors to a career in English language teaching.

Irresistible Offer: Act Now!

Intensive courses from January 8th to February 2nd, 2024, and March 4th to March 29th, 2024, at an unbeatable 1500 EUR. Plus, free accommodation for early birds! 🏠

Why IELS Malta?

With over 35 years of expertise, IELS is Malta's top English language school, offering a perfect blend of top-notch facilities, academic excellence, and global teaching prowess.

Tailored Learning, Endless Opportunities

Courses designed for student needs, blending contemporary teaching with personal attention. Beyond the classroom, exciting leisure programs immerse students in Malta's sun, sea, and culture.

Act Fast - Limited Spaces!

Connect with IELS via Edvisor for details. Secure your students' gateway to a rewarding career in English language teaching.



BSC launches a new location - BSC Bangkok



πŸ”— British Study Centres

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: britishstudycentres

 πŸ“ London, United Kingdom

πŸ—ƒοΈ New Campus


BSC Education is delighted to announce the inauguration of its latest venture – a new college in the vibrant city of Bangkok, set to open its doors in January 2024. This expansion will offer various educational opportunities, including English Language Training, IELTS Exam Preparation, CELTA, and more.

A Global Education Powerhouse

BSC Education stands tall as a leading international education group, casting its educational net wide to cater to individuals and organizations across the globe. Their commitment to providing a diverse range of education and training speaks volumes, reflecting a dedication to fostering knowledge and skill development on a global scale.

In this new chapter, BSC Education's Bangkok College promises classrooms, courses, and a dynamic space where learning transcends boundaries. Stay tuned for an outstanding educational experience where the richness of Bangkok's culture converges with the excellence of BSC Education. 




       Cork English College Autumn / Winter Offers



πŸ”— Cork English College

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: cec

 πŸ“ Cork, Ireland

πŸ—ƒοΈ New Promotion


As the heralds of winter approach, Cork English College is unwrapping a special gift for language learners. 

Winter Warm-Up: Unbeatable Offers Await!

For those eyeing a short-term, General English, or exam preparation program, Cork English College presents an enticing seasonal offer:

  • 4 weeks for the price of 3
  • 8 weeks for the price of 6
  • 12 weeks for the price of 9

These exceptional deals extend to short-term General English and IELTS programs, with an added treat of 4 weeks for the price of 3 on the Accelerated Cambridge program.


Terms and Conditions Made Simple:

To make this winter learning opportunity even more inviting, here are the straightforward terms and conditions:

  • Book before December 31st, 2023
  • Commence before March 31st, 2024
  • Based on a 1 - 4 week weekly rate for each program
  • Offer applicable up to 12 weeks
  • Not applicable to pre-existing bookings
  • Excludes 25-week Study & Work Programme bookings
  • 2023 tuition fees extended for bookings received by December 1st, 2023

How to Unlock These Offers for Your Students:

For agencies eager to seize these offers for their students, the key lies in contacting CEC through Edvisor. The gift of enhanced language learning awaits, and the door to Cork English College is open for your students to enter a winter of linguistic growth! 





      New Beginnings: International House Malta moves to its new home in St Julian's



πŸ”— IH Malta

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: ihmalta

 πŸ“ St Julian's, Malta

πŸ—ƒοΈ Location Changes


In a strategic move, International House Malta relocated to St Julian's on October 30th, ushering in a significant phase in its educational journey. Renowned for its high-quality language education, the institution's new location amplifies its capacity to meet the diverse needs of its international students.

Beyond traditional classrooms, the move to St Julian's opens doors to a dynamic lifestyle. Students can enjoy beach breaks and explore nearby cafes, bars, and restaurants, all within easy reach. Proximity to shopping centers adds a touch of convenience.

Adding to the appeal is Belview Residence, a 7-minute walk away, which provides comfortable student accommodation and fosters a strong sense of community.

This strategic relocation underscores International House Malta's commitment to an unparalleled learning experience. Agencies can showcase this move as an opportunity for learners to blend education with a vibrant lifestyle.

Join International House Malta in this exciting new chapter, where education meets adventure in the heart of St Julian's.



     UNISUS launches new Summer Enrichment Camp in 2024



πŸ”— Unisus School

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: unisus

 πŸ“ Summerland, Canada

πŸ—ƒοΈ New Program


In response to invaluable feedback, UNISUS proudly announces the launch of its much-anticipated Summer Camp Program in July 2024. Tailored for students seeking unique and enriching opportunities, this program promises a personalized learning experience.

Personalized Learning Journeys:

UNISUS Summer Camp stands out by allowing participants to curate their educational adventures. Choosing from a diverse array of modules within the English Language Learner and Future Global Leader Programs, campers engage in classes five times a week. This personalized approach allows for a deep dive into specific areas of interest, fostering a love for learning.

Thrilling Adventures Await:

Venturing off-campus, students will explore the natural beauty of the Okanagan through carefully curated outdoor activities. The schedule includes full and half-day excursions, ensuring a well-rounded and exhilarating experience. From ziplining to swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, and canoeing, students will immerse themselves in thrilling adventures each week.

Why Choose UNISUS Summer Camp:
  • Personalized Learning: Tailor experience with diverse modules.
  • Global Connections: Students connect with peers worldwide.
  • Structured Learning: Students engage in classes five times a week.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Students immerse themselves in the beauty of the Okanagan
Whether opting for a two- or four-week stay, UNISUS Summer Camp guarantees your students an unforgettable journey of learning and adventure. Secure their spot for a season filled with growth, camaraderie, and exploration!



     Introducing LCI Language School!



πŸ”— LCI Language School

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: lcilanguageschool

 πŸ“ Toronto, Canada

πŸ—ƒοΈ Rebranding


Exciting News! LAB (Languages Across Borders) is now LCI Language School, a proud member of LCI Education's global network. This transformation brings many positive changes, ensuring an enriched experience for students, partners, and the community.

For Students: The World is their Classroom

LCI Language School welcomes students into an international community of over 20,000 learners worldwide. Integrating LCI Education's global network opens doors to a more diverse student body, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Students can expect innovative approaches that enhance their educational journey, providing access to many learning and growth opportunities.

For Partners: Recruit with Confidence 

Trusted partners can now recruit students with even greater confidence. The increased visibility and resources, aligned with LCI Education's international reputation, ensure better agent resources and continued commitment to the relationships, processes, programs, and initiatives that partners value.

For LAB: A Transformation for Growth

The shift to LCI Language School marks a new era with a fresh logo, look, and improved digital presence. The rebranding ensures increased visibility and resources, enhancing the quality of education provided. Incorporating into LCI Education's global network aligns LAB with a renowned international reputation, promising a brighter future.

LCI Language School is not just a language school; it's a gateway to opportunity. With accredited English and French programs, language camps, and corporate offerings, all based in Vancouver and Montreal, Canada, students are set on a trajectory toward higher education.

This transformation signifies a commitment to quality education, global connectivity, and an unwavering dedication to the success of students, partners, and the LAB community.


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