Don't let junior camps wear you down, save time with these tricks!

By Edvisor

Nov 25th, 2022

There are busy seasons for just about every type of work out there. For international student recruitment agencies, there are special dates every year when the volume of work is more significant and barely leaves time for a mid-morning cup of coffee.

These busy moments tend to happen every year during the summer and winter camp seasons! 

While busy seasons can be tough, here are some easy hacks to streamline your work and get rid of manual repetitive tasks. These 3 tips will help you save time during summer and winter camp seasons so you can focus on building relationships with parents and students, plus continue to help them feel safe and supported through their international study experiences.

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Streamline your processes

Taking care of other people's children is a big responsibility, agents often have to manage a lot of paperwork, answer many questions from concerned parents, process all the enrollments… and help them get the insurance required for their trip! 

A great way to save time during winter or summer camp seasons and skip the extra workload and stress….for example, is using a tool like our group insurance booking form. Just fill out a spreadsheet and let us do the work while you focus on customer support and help put concerned parents at ease.

We will have your insurance requests ready in just 24-48h.


Find tools that are tailored to your working style

Changing the way your team operates isn’t always the best idea, especially during busy seasons and especially when it comes to add-ons that are not your core business, like insurance.

Our insurance solutions are designed to adapt to your way of working, you can process your bookings one by one on your Edvisor platform, use the Group Bookings Form for groups or high-volume bookings requests or, if you prefer a less hands-on approach, we help you add an insurance landing page to your site that enables students to book insurance themselves. 

Whether you choose one option or another, it is essential that you arm yourself with the right toolkit so you can be more efficient and not risk losing any business.


Use cross-selling strategies to maximize your profits

Cross-selling is all about offering additional complementary products that enhance your customers’ purchase – like when you order a burger and they offer you extra cheese or extra fries.

You are already doing all the hard work by counselling students and parents interested in summer or winter camps and helping them through the whole application process. Your customers are already purchasing that camp experience, and now is the right time to complement that purchase with other products for their trip, like insurance.

On Edvisor, we set out to negotiate the best agreements on behalf of our agency network to introduce cross-selling without adding too much extra work for your team.



In a nutshell, camp seasons are busy periods where efficiency and good service are the keys to success, our group insurance form is an essential tool for any company dealing with large groups of students. Instead of processing each of your insurance bookings independently, you can process them all at once and still get your commission (and reap the benefits of the best insurance agreements).

If you are unfamiliar with Edvisor’s insurance marketplace, you can learn more here or simply schedule a call with your account manager so he/she can show you how it works! 

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