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What's New on EdCommerce?

By Juan Garoz

Sep 20, 2023

EdCommerce is becoming one of our favorite tools, and why is that? Because it equips our agents and educators with top-notch technology to boost their sales.

With this amazing tool, you can create stunning e-commerce landing pages for multiple uses. Whether it's for online sales, groups, student fairs, sub-agents, affiliates, or referrals, the sky's the limit!

And we never stop improving this fantastic tool. Here's what's new!

Let's dive deep into each of these exciting updates!

Revitalized Forms for Better Lead Generation!

We've taken lead forms to a new level with additional smart functionalities:

  • Personalize Mandatory Fields: No more one-size-fits-all! You can customize the fields in your lead form, making them mandatory as per your needs.

  • Auto-Assign Leads to Specific Counselors: Say goodbye to clutter. You can now assign new leads directly to designated counselors.

  • Custom Pipelines and Statuses: Tagging leads has never been this easy. You can automatically add them to specific pipelines and statuses to better track and manage them.

  • Smart Assignment Rules: For students already in your database, set rules to redirect them to different offices or update their existing info.

Plus, you can easily integrate these forms them seamlessly into any external website and connect it to Edvisor!

Even if you only use EdCommerce for this advanced forms functionality, it's well worth a look!

Learn everything about forms here

Add your Custom Domain for Brand Consistency

You can now use your own custom domain for your EdCommerce sites.

Forget about relying on external landing pages; EdCommerce now offers a fully integrated solution that allows you to operate under your very own domain.

This not only amplifies your brand's credibility but also ensures a more cohesive and professional online presence.

Find Out How ➡

Quotation Templates: A Layout for Every Need

Not just one or two, but three new quotation layouts are now available for you to customize your EdCommerce site even more!

These versatile templates provide a personalized quoting experience for your students, letting you align each quote with your unique brand style.

Quote Templates

EdCoverIntroducing EdCover for Protected Pricing

Just like on your Edvisor platform, you can now filter providers that offer EdCover protection and add them to your site.

Concerned about displaying accurate pricing? With EdCover, you can put those worries to rest, knowing you're safeguarded against any pricing discrepancies.

Customizable Footers

Now you have the power to personalize your site's footer. With options to include your logo, web address, email, phone, and social network links, you can create a unified and cohesive brand image across your platform.Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 10.18.45

Additional Updates:

  • Local Currency Options: Offer a more localized experience to your students by letting them view prices in either local currency (the destination's currency) or their own currency.

  • Data Cleanup Made Easy: Based on user requests, you now have the capability to delete specific data records, helping you declutter your workspace 😉

  • More Info in Course Sections: You can now provide comprehensive info about what's included and excluded in each course, making it easier for students to make informed choices.

  • New Language: Hungarian - We've added Hungarian to our list of supported languages, offering a more inclusive experience.

  • Upgraded Email Notifications: Our newly refined email builder comes with enhanced copy and visuals, aiming to provide a more engaging and informative experience.

  • New Provider Search: Finding and managing providers on your EdCommerce account just became quicker with our new search feature.




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