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Unveiling the Agency Portal: A Game-Changer for Educators

By Marta Alarcón

Apr 15, 2024

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of education, merely keeping up with technology isn't enough—it's about adopting innovative solutions that truly make a significant impact. 

That's exactly where our Agency Portal steps in, marking a revolution in how schools and educational institutions collaborate with their agency networks.


Why the Agency Portal is Your Next Big Move

Visualize a platform where you can showcase all your programs, complete with the latest pricing, promotions, and essential marketing materials. Imagine updating all this information from a singular, centralized source that synchronizes instantly with your global agency network in real-time. 

That's the Agency Portal for you. It's designed not just to be another tool in your tech stack but to transform your collaboration with agents across the globe.

The beauty of the Agency Portal lies in its simplicity and power. It ensures that your agentswhether they're on Edvisor or nothave 24/7 access to the most current information about your offerings.

This means they're always ready to present your programs in the best light to potential students, with the ability to generate dynamic, custom-branded quotes on the fly and manage student applications all from one place.

Aha, yeah, you’ve read it right. The Agency Portal is more than a simple consultation tool. It serves as a comprehensive platform where agents can not only consult but also actively engage by browsing through programs, creating tailored quotes, managing leads, submitting student applications, and conducting payments directly through the tool.


It really is power in Your Hands!


The Agency Portal is not an optional extra—it transforms Edvisor into your indispensable hub for all aspects of agency management. This platform is designed to streamline your operations, making Edvisor the ultimate resource for efficiently handling your agency-related needs.

The best part? It's available at no additional cost for all education providers on Edvisor's Distribute Expert plan. This is your chance to revolutionize collaboration and communication with your agency network.

Not sure? We invite you to see the Agency Portal in action. Schedule a demo to see how it can streamline your collaborations, enhance your processes, and elevate your educational offerings.

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