Pukekohe High School

By Millee

Sep 24, 2020


At Pukekohe High School, a private institution in New Zealand, culture is celebrated, music, design, and arts are recognized as vital subjects for students to learn in, and international attendees are looked after thanks to a full-time support structure.

The Fast Facts:

Learning Areas:

  • Arts
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Statistics
  • PE and Health
  • Languages
  • Social Sciences
  • Te Wahanga
  • Technology


About Pukekohe High School

With 1,750 students, Pukekohe High School offers a rich diversity in the student population, which adds to the educational experience for students.

The school's thorough support structure, from the health centre to counselling, to academic support, offers students the opportunity to join social and sporting clubs.

Pukekohe has a dedicated International Office open for all international students during the day with facilities to heat food, relax on the couches, or even use the computers. Staff in the International Office organize students' homestays, support them at school, and organize fun trips and activities.

Pukekohe High School is a partner in the Waikato-Tainui Kawenata. Waikato Tainui is a group of New Zealand's Maaori people. The Kawenata is a covenant between Waikato-Tainui iwi and the school, established to support mutual education objectives.

School Highlights:

  • Short-terms: Programs of three weeks and longer are available.
  • Full-year academic scholarships are available.
  • Amazing homestay families are ready to welcome students into their homes.
  • Music, Design, and Arts are vital recognized subjects at Pukekohe High School.
  • Cultural diversity is celebrated and recognized at Pukekohe High School.


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