What's new on Edvisor? | Jan 2023

By Riel Bo

Jan 11, 2023

Happy New Year! We hope you're off to a great start! In this article, we'll be discussing the latest additions to Edvisor, including new agencies, educators, and exciting features. Get ready to take your online education business to the next level with the help of these innovative updates.

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πŸŽ“ New Educators

More and more institutions rely on Edvisor to distribute their programs, promotions, and marketing media in real-time to their agency network. Connect with these new educators to start the new year in style✨

university of economics

The University of Economics and Human Sciences

πŸŽ“ College
  Bronx, United States

Edvisor ID: monroecollegebronx

loyalist_college logo

Loyalist College

πŸŽ“ College
 πŸ“ Toronto, Canada
 πŸ”΅ Edvisor ID: lcit


Canadian College of Technology and Business

πŸŽ“ College
 πŸ“ Vancouver, Canada
πŸ”΅ Edvisor ID: cctb


Monroe College

πŸŽ“ College
 πŸ“  Bronx, United States
 πŸ”΅ Edvisor ID:  monroecollegebronx

st johns

St. John's Academy

πŸŽ“ High School
 πŸ“  Victoria, Canada
 πŸ”΅ Edvisor ID: stjohnsis




πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» New Agencies

What will you do that's truly new this New Year? Start by connecting with agencies that have recently joined Edvisor!



πŸ›« Recruiting Countries: Ukraine
πŸ›¬ Destination Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Ireland, South Korea, Japan
πŸŽ“ Type of Education: Language, Juniors/Summer Camps, High School, Higher Education. 


Conecta Idiomas del Mundo

πŸ›« Recruiting Countries: Spain
πŸ›¬ Destination Countries: Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom
πŸŽ“ Type of Education: Languages, Juniors/Camps


Joma Student Experience

πŸ›« Recruiting Countries: Spain
πŸ›¬ Destination Countries: Ireland 
πŸŽ“ Type of Education: Languages, Higher Education, Vocational


Abroad Australia

πŸ›« Recruiting Countries: Colombia
πŸ›¬ Destination Countries: Australia
πŸŽ“ Type of Education: Languages, Vocational


Conexiones Educativas

πŸ›« Recruiting Countries: Mexico
πŸ›¬ Destination Countries: Canada, United States 
πŸŽ“ Type of Education: Languages, Juniors/Camps, High School, Higher Education, Vocational


Think New

πŸ›« Recruiting Countries: Brazil, New Zealand
πŸ›¬ Destination Countries: Australia, New Zealand
πŸŽ“ Type of Education: Languages, Higher Education, Vocational


Moya Migration Law

πŸ›« Recruiting Countries: Colombia, Mexico, Chile
πŸ›¬ Destination Countries: Australia
πŸŽ“ Type of Education: Languages, Higher Education, Vocational

πŸ”΅ New Features

We've launched an improved version of Student Insurance Finder, one of our favourite insurance tools.

See the new and improved user interface plus the added features that make the insurance landing page easier to use and more enjoyable for your students.

Student Insurance Finder Search

The search got a brand new makeover! Plus… new filters!

One of the main changes you'll notice is a cleaner and more intuitive search results page, with additional filters in a left-side column to help students narrow down their search and find exactly what they need.

Additionally, the search bar now only includes destinations that your company works with. For example, if you only work with Australia, students will only have the option to select that country in the search.

Cross-sell by using add-ons

Increase your average ticket using cross-selling techniques with the new add-ons section.

At the end of the purchase process, just before the final payment, the student will receive the option to add extra items complementary to the insurance they have chosen - if available. For example, they could add extra cancellation insurance.

It works the same way as when a customer is buying a flight and the airline offers alternative products or services during the purchase process. This is definitely a super useful strategy that can help an agency or school increase revenue.

Get more information on your insurance bookings by adding custom reference sources

Custom reference sources help track where the insurance bookings come from, the effectiveness of marketing efforts, and even identify new opportunities! 

Other small updates

  • Students can view insurance prices in multiple currencies and switch between them if they wish.

  • You can specify two different contact emails. The first will be displayed on the landing page for student inquiries, and the second will receive all purchase confirmations. The same email address can be used for both functions, or the user now has the option and can choose to use different ones.

  • We are working to streamline communication between the user, student, and Edvisor. From now on, when a student makes a purchase, they will receive all necessary documentation directly (a copy will also be sent to the user or agent, but they will no longer need to forward everything to the student manually).

We hope these updates improve the overall user experience with Student Insurance Finder and help provide a seamless experience for agencies and students. Keep an eye open for future updates and improvements.

If you don't have a Student Insurance Finder landing page and want to get started, or if you'd like help using any of these new features, please contact your Account Manager. They will be happy to help you get set up.

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