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What's New on EdCommerce? - May 2023

By Juan Garoz

June 7, 2023

We strongly believe that EdCommerce is a crucial tool for keeping our industry up-to-date with the latest technology.

That's why we're always on our toes, doing our best to make this platform stronger, and you know what? Your feedback is our secret weapon in making it even better! 🧡

So, here's a list of all the awesome updates we've made this month:

1. Bring more value to your EdCommerce portfolio

Programs and services are the cornerstone of any education-centered e-commerce platform. That's why we've made some adjustments to enhance their visibility and functionality on your site ✨

Expanded Accommodation Options:

Now, you have the ability to choose from a wider range of accommodation options.

You can opt to view all available choices, exclusively focus on the accommodation provided by the educator, prioritize your own accommodation, or even personalize the matching between accommodation and education providers.  Learn how to organize your accommodation options in this tutorial.

School Descriptions in Various Languages:

If an educator has provided translations for their programs and campus descriptions on Edvisor, you can now effortlessly display these on your EdCommerce.

This eliminates the need for manual translations on EdCommerce.

2. Boost your site’s customization

More Templates, More Diversity, More Fun!

We've enriched our templates offering by introducing a new search layout option, enabling you to modify the aesthetics and ambiance of your EdCommerce homepage. 

Plus, we've added three additional provider page templates, allowing you to control how your programs' information is displayed to your students. 

And 3 new styles for the search results page.

This ensures a more personalized and engaging experience for your student. Check out everything about templates here!

Font Customization:

As marketers, we know the appeal of a well-chosen font. Now, you can select fonts for your EdCommerce site that truly reflect your unique style. Here is where you can find them.

Expanded language options for your site:

We've extended the language options on your site. Students can now navigate your EdCommerce in French, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Korean, Japanese, Turkish, and German.

 3. Upgrades for Payments and Deposits

Display or hide your billing details:

We've added a feature allowing you to display or hide your billing details whenever a student makes a purchase. This is particularly beneficial if a student or parent requests an invoice for their tax records or expense tracking.

Learn how to hide or unhide your billing info.

Showcase the first payment information:

You can now add the first payment information directly to the search results. Students can view not just the total amount, but also the initial outlay required.
💡Highly requested by our onshore agencies!

Learn how showcase the first payment information here.

Personalized Deposit Amounts:

You now have the flexibility to either choose one default deposit amount for all your programs, or personalize the deposit amount based on each program type, educator, destination...

See how to create and manage your deposits.

4. Other Cool Things you can do

Bring Your Privacy Policy Onboard:

Include a custom privacy policy in your settings for that extra trust factor, thanks to our GDPR-friendly update. Follow this tutorial.

Add pixels or code snippets to your site:

Are you considering implementing Google Tag Manager or Meta Pixel codes on your site? We've now made it possible to include "scripts" in both the body and header of your site

Seamless sync with your Edvisor platform:

When a student completes a form on your EdCommerce site, our platform efficiently assigns all their activity to their student profile. Not only that, but it also syncs all their data and quotations with your Edvisor account, ensuring a smooth, integrated user experience.

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