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April 4, 2022

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Have a look at the Early Accommodation Check Out feature that we have added to Edvisor Distribute and start using it! ✨


🛌 Early Accommodation Check Out


We are ready to launch the Early Accommodation Check Out feature for Edvisor Distribute. This allows you to specify your accommodation check out date as 1 day early, so it can display the correct check out date for accommodations that have the Sunday - Saturday pattern.

  • This setting affects Accommodation at the product-level. You can specify settings for each accommodation product individually if you would like.
  • You will find it as an option in the Accommodation Edit page.
  • You can also specify a default value for all your accommodations in your Campus Settings page. This would apply to new accommodations created after setting this default value.
  • This only applies to Weekly accommodation.

A little clarification regarding the "Check out one day early" option: any accommodation with weekly price that checks in on a specific day will check out the day before in the following week.

With some examples it will be understood much better! So, any accommodation with weekly price that checks in on Sunday will check out on Saturday, or if you check in on Wednesday you will check out Tuesday, so on.

 👀 Look! A video is worth a thousand words!


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