Lighthouse Labs

By Millee

Sep 17, 2020


A school for career-minded individuals, Lighthouse Labs offers full-time and part-time programming.  After operating for seven years, Lighthouse Labs is adjusting to the new normal the industry is facing - its preparing students for the work-from-home culture.  

Fast Facts

  • Private College
  • Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Victoria, Canada

Study Areas

  • Web Development Bootcamp (Full-Time)
  • Data Science Bootcamp (Full-Time)
  • Intro to Web Development (Part-Time)
  • Intro to Front-end with Javascript (Part-Time)
  • Intro to Data Analytics (Part-Time)


About Lighthouse Labs

Since 2013, Lighthouse Labs has offered education to over 1,500 career-minded students and successfully delivered immersive remote education to cohorts across Canada. As of March 2020, the school's programs were put online to ensure the community's safety and prepare students for the work from home culture that is growing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Offering full-time and part-time programming, Lighthouse Labs offers coding education from beginner to professional developer. The school's goal is to take students from " hobbyist to professional" and act as the launchpad for students' careers.

School Highlights: 

In March, Lighthouse Labs released a $500,000 scholarship fund. With this fund, more than 150 students who might not otherwise be able to access the programs due to the ramifications of COVID-19 could access the school's programs. Since then, they've released an additional $500,000 in scholarship funding. These scholarships will offer partial tuition coverage and help recipients develop skills that will allow them to launch new careers and get back into the workplace during these uncertain times. This funding includes scholarships for part-time and full-time courses and bootcamps.

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