IALC-Edvisor Showcase Events

By Edvisor

Mar 24, 2021


Edvisor has been working with IALC for over 4 years to promote tech solutions that connect IALC schools with our global network of agencies.

IALC is an award-winning network of 141 high-quality, independent language schools around the world teaching their native language to international students. IALC’s role is to guarantee the quality of its members, to build relationships with international study travel agencies as a major channel for international student enrolments, and to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and best practices. 

Following up on the success of the IALC-Edvisor Virtual Workshop held in November 2020, we are delighted to announce the launch of IALC-Edvisor Showcase events

These Showcase Events will provide agents with destination-specific information about the latest national COVID regulations and classroom safety measures as well as highlighting how IALC schools have adapted to the pandemic and innovated over the last twelve months.  


robin-adams“The IALC Edvisor Showcase Events are designed to help IALC schools inform our agent partners. The aim is to present the latest travel restrictions, quarantine requirements and COVID regulations for our destinations, so that agents can be prepared to advise their clients with correct information.  Moreover, these webinars, powered by the leading industry B2B platform, Edvisor,  will assist IALC schools in their efforts to nurture relationships with key agencies.Robin Adams, IALC President. 


The Showcase Events will kick off with a focus on the UK, Ireland and South Africa on Tuesday 30th March at 4pm CET. Agencies can register for the event here and are encouraged to share their questions and update requests when registering. 


Showcase Events Webinar Schedule

  • Tuesday 30th March, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Showcase 1, - The UK, Ireland & South Africa
  • Thursday 8th April, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Showcase 2, - USA & Canada
  • Thursday 15th April, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Showcase 3, - France, Portugal & Malta
  • Thursday 29th April, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Showcase 4, - Germany, Austria & Russia
  • Thursday 6th May, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Showcase 5, - Spain, Italy, Argentina & Colombia 
  • Thursday 20th May, 09:00 UK time /10:00 CET: Showcase 6, - China, Japan & Jordan
  • Thursday 3rd June, 09:00 UK time /10:00 CET: Showcase 7, - Australia & New Zealand

* This schedule may be revised according to international market conditions


Jamie Gibbs

"Now more than ever agencies need a clear indication of what the state of play is when it comes to travel restrictions and student safety. We see these virtual, destination-specific events as a way of providing this clarity for agencies, highlighting the tremendous innovations that IALC schools have made in response to the pandemic and supporting agency-school partnerships as we all prepare for the months ahead’.  

Jamie Gibbs, Agency Success Director, Edvisor. 


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