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Elac Study Vacations

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Nov 11, 2020

Elac Study Vacations

ELAC provides junior vacation courses for students between the ages of 11 – 17 in a variety of locations in the UK. They run seven multi-national residential and homestay centres that welcome around 3500 students from different countries every year.

Fast Facts

  • Juniors / Summer Camps
  • United Kigndom 🇬🇧

About Elac Summer Courses

Elac currently welcomes around 3500 students on their courses every year and aim to give each and every one of them a safe, fun and truly unforgettable learning and cultural experience.

They work with students from a wide range of countries, but have particularly strong links with Italy, Spain, China, Russia, Japan, France, Poland, Austria and Turkey.

Their goal is to become an independent, ethical, environmentally friendly, and profitable organization dedicated to teaching English and, more generally speaking, to cultivate the positive values ​​of young people in an international environment.

In order to achieve this goal, they aim to provide students with a safe, welcoming, inclusive and fun environment.

They believe that this will provide their students with the following outcomes:

  • A development of their language skills and confidence
  • A deepening of their knowledge and understanding of British life and culture
  • A broadening of their outlook on the world and awareness of other perspectives
  • New, wide-ranging and long-lasting friendships that cross cultures

They have been a British Council accredited provider of English language and activity courses since 2008. They are also a member of English UK and Young Learners English UK.

School Highlights

  • A proven track record: They have been working in the field of language schools since 1991. During these years they have earned a reputation for quality, personal care and personal service, and they provide services to everyone who attends the course. 
  • Small dedicated team: Elac is no longer a small "family business", they welcome approximately 3,500 students every year. However, they still retain the values ​​and spirit that Elac has from the beginning, which makes it attractive to their employees, students and partners.
  • Loyal and experienced Staff: Most of their key employees have been working here for many years. In the summer, we rely on them to become Elac's "public faces"; promoters of their values ​​and fulfillers of their commitments. That enables them to grow year by year.

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