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Edvisor for Schools PRO package

By Edvisor for Schools

Oct 26, 2020

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Earlier this year we launched our new Edvisor for Schools Pro package, a new subscription based service allowing you to maximize the distribution of your school information, connect with more new agents and get some real time analytics from the platform.

The Edvisor Pro package includes features like:

New Agency Discovery Tool

If you're looking to work with new agencies or grow into new markets, the agency discovery tool is made just for you.

This tool allows you find agencies in markets key to you from the comfort of your home, with a simple search by location or agency name.

You can send them an invitation and connect directly with your current partner agents or agents you are not yet connected with. Easy as pie!


Schools Dashboard

Have you ever wanted to see (in real-time) how many times your agents are searching your programmes in their course finder? If your agents are including your school in their student proposals? In which markets are you stronger in terms of quotations and bookings? How is your school information being distributed? The list goes on. 

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions you can’t miss this Edvisor’s feature that provides schools with information and insight before, during and after an agent enrolls a student into your school, which lets you make data-driven decisions like never before.

The schools dashboard gives you insights into how many times you are being quoted, which markets your quotations are being made in and updates on the distribution of your connected agents.

Centralized Bookings

With this feature your school can implement streamlined applications and shorter processing times, receiving all your bookings directly through the platform. No more email threads and handwritten applications with errors and mistakes. Edvisor brings your applications into a seamless electronic experience resulting in less errors and faster processing times.

Exclusive Marketing Packages

All the Edvisor Schools with an Edvisor PRO account can enjoy of a handful of marketing actions to introduce your school to Edvisor’s network of 8,500+ agencies across 30+ countries. Local webinars, interviews, direct in-app messages and the list goes on!

For more information, to schedule a demonstration or to discuss pricing please contact out School Success team today!

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