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By Nira Santos

May 29th, 2024

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Anglo-Continental introduces Summer IELTS Preparation Vacation Course.

anglo continental


πŸ”— Anglo-Cotinental

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: anglocontinental

 πŸ“ Bournemouth, UK

πŸ—ƒοΈ New Program

Anglo-Continental is pleased to announce its Summer IELTS Preparation Vacation Course for 2024, tailored for students aged 16-17. Running from June to August, this program offers 30 weekly lessons, with 20 lessons dedicated to general English and 10 focused on IELTS exam preparation. This intensive course is designed to enhance students' language skills and familiarize them with the IELTS examination format.

Students will benefit from timed practice tests, strategic exam tips, and continuous language development through weekend excursions and optional weekday activities. Accommodation is provided in twin rooms with homestay families, ensuring a supportive and immersive experience.

Anglo-Continental advises early registration for the IELTS exam, with dates and fees listed on their website. The course fees include meals, Wi-Fi, and educational resources, ensuring a comprehensive learning environment.

Recruitment agents can find more information and detailed course specifics on Edvisor. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their English proficiency and prepare for the IELTS exam in a dynamic and supportive setting.



 Groundbreaking New English Speaking Program at Columbia West College in Los Angeles!


πŸ”— Columbia West College

 πŸ”΅  Edvisor ID: columbiawest

 πŸ“ Los Angeles, US

πŸ—ƒοΈ New Program

Columbia West College in Los Angeles is thrilled to announce the release of its revolutionary English Speaking System (ESS) starting in 2024, now available for enrollment. This innovative program is designed to transform students into fluent and confident English speakers.

The ESS program addresses the limitations of traditional teaching methods, which often involve one teacher for many students, making it difficult for learners to improve their speaking skills. Columbia West College's new system incorporates three times the number of teachers, six times the speaking opportunities, and nine times the feedback and error corrections, ensuring an unparalleled learning experience.

Developed over three years of research and development, the ESS program features an integrated, output-focused curriculum emphasizing speaking practice. Continuous feedback loops exponentially enhance students' speaking abilities, setting this program apart from the grammar-heavy approaches of most other English schools.

Edvisor agents can access more detailed information about this groundbreaking program on Edvisor. This is an exceptional opportunity for students to improve their English speaking proficiency significantly.

Don't miss this video to learn more about the Columbia West College ESS Program!



Canada Resets Part-Time Work Rights to 24 Hours Per Week 


Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has confirmed the end of the unlimited work rights policy introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting in September, international students can work off-campus for up to 24 hours per week. Minister Marc Miller announced this change, which ends the temporary policy that allowed students to work beyond regular restrictions, effective April 30, 2024.

Minister Miller stated that the new limit is an increase from the pre-COVID cap of 20 hours. "Students who come to Canada must be here to study. Allowing them to work up to 24 hours per week ensures they can focus primarily on their studies while having the option to work if necessary," said the IRCC.

The government considered students' needs, policies in rival destinations, and research on the impact of work on academic outcomes, finding that working over 28 hours per week can significantly harm academic performance.

Minister Miller emphasized, "Working off campus helps international students gain experience and offset expenses. However, students must prioritize their studies. We will continue protecting the integrity of our student program."

Additionally, last December, IRCC doubled the savings international students must show when applying for a study permit.

Click here to access the IRCC statement on changes to in-study work rights for international students.



Australia Plans Limits on International Student Enrolment


Australia's government has unveiled new legislation allowing the Minister for Education to set caps on international student enrolments, effective May 11, 2024. This initiative aims to manage student numbers and reduce pressure on the rental market by requiring universities to provide additional student accommodation if they exceed enrolment limits.

The legislation, part of a broader strategy to tighten the education sector, also grants the power to pause new provider and course applications, prevent schools from owning agencies, and prohibit commissions on student transfers.

The government will collaborate with education providers to implement these caps, mainly targeting the higher education and vocational sectors. Due to their lower infrastructure impact, exceptions may be considered for postgraduate research degrees and non-award courses.

Industry reactions have been mixed, with concerns over high visa refusal rates and potential job losses. Critics argue that these measures might harm Australia’s reputation as a welcoming study destination.

For more details, visit the government statement and the draft framework.



Australia Announces Increase to Financial Requirement for Student Visas


The Department of Home Affairs in Australia has announced a significant increase in the financial requirements for student visas, effective May 10, 2024. International students must now show AUS$29,710 in funds, up 21% from the previous rate of AUS$24,505. This change comes just seven months after the last increase of 17%.

The financial capacity requirements for spouses/partners and dependent children will also rise, with the amounts increasing to $10,394 and $4,449, respectively. The Department stated that these updates align with 75% of the national minimum wage, ensuring students can maintain a minimum standard of living while studying in Australia.

The sector has expressed frustration over the lack of consultation and the rapid implementation of these changes. Ian Aird, CEO of English Australia, highlighted the challenges colleges face and the impact on livelihoods due to recent visa policies and high refusal rates.

For more details, click here to access the Department of Home Affairs statement on financial capacity requirements.

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