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By Nira Santos

February 21st, 2024

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IH London launches new summer teen programme in Central London

IH London-1


🔗 IH London

 🔵  Edvisor ID: ihlondon

 📍 London, UK

🗃️ New Programs

IH London has announced the launch of a new summer program tailored exclusively for teenagers, set amidst the vibrant backdrop of Central London. Named "The English Explorer Summer Program," this exciting initiative is geared towards individuals and groups seeking an immersive English learning experience combined with cultural exploration.

The program, slated to run from June 30th to August 11th, 2024, offers flexibility in duration, ranging from one to six weeks, catering to the needs of adolescents aged 12-17. Participants can anticipate a dynamic curriculum comprising 15 weekly lessons designed to enhance language proficiency through engaging and interactive activities.

In addition to enriching classroom sessions, students will embark on cultural excursions to iconic landmarks, museums, and neighbourhoods, providing practical English practice while uncovering the charm of London and its surrounding areas.

Accommodation is provided in secure, self-contained private flats with single rooms and shared bathroom facilities. Adult supervision is guaranteed, with accommodations conveniently situated within walking distance of the school. As part of IH London's commitment to safety and care, students will be accompanied by adults to and from school and designated meeting points around the clock.

IH London offers a range of pricing options for individual and group bookings, including a course-only package or a full-package alternative. Visit your Edvisor platform for detailed schedules, fees, and registration information.

With the English Explorer Summer Program, IH London invites teenagers to embark on a language-learning and cultural discovery journey in the heart of one of the world's most dynamic cities.



 Kingsford International Institute unveils new advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design Course!



🔗  Kingsford International Institute

 🔵  Edvisor ID: kii

 📍 Sydney, Australia

🗃️ New Programs


Kingsford International Institute (Australia) has unveiled its latest offering, the Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design course, poised to meet the burgeoning demands of the industry and unlock abundant job opportunities across Australia.


Scheduled to commence in April 2024, this comprehensive program spans 104 weeks and provides students with an immersive educational experience tailored to the intricacies of civil construction design.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: This curriculum is designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge aligned with the latest industry standards, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges.
  • High Employability: The Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design course focuses on meeting the demands of the job market, positioning students favourably for lucrative career prospects in Australia's thriving construction sector.
  • Experienced Faculty: Students will have the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and experts in the field, who will offer invaluable insights and guidance throughout their educational journey.

To learn more about the Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design course and explore its offerings, interested parties are encouraged to visit Kingsford International Institute's profile on Edvisor. There, they can access comprehensive details about the curriculum, faculty, and the myriad opportunities awaiting prospective students.

Secure a place for your students in this dynamic program, paving the way for a rewarding career in civil construction design. Join them at Kingsford International Institute as we embark on a journey toward excellence, opening doors to a world of possibilities and a fulfilling future in the field of construction design.




     New 2-week Summer School Courses at Pace University in New York!



🔗 Pace University English Language Institute

 🔵  Edvisor ID: paceuniversity

 📍 New York, US

🗃️ New Programs

Pace University English Language Institute, located in the vibrant city of New York, has unveiled its latest offerings for the upcoming summer season. Introducing 2-week Summer School programs in International Relations (Model U.N.), Leadership & Entrepreneurship, and English + Filmmaking, slated to run throughout July and August.

  • The Model United Nations course promises to immerse students in the world of global diplomacy. Students will engage in simulated U.N. sessions, honing negotiation skills and addressing real-world challenges.

  • The Leadership & Entrepreneurship course aims to develop essential leadership skills and foster entrepreneurial thinking through hands-on activities and case studies.

  • The English + Filmmaking course offers a unique blend of language acquisition and visual storytelling, allowing students to explore scriptwriting, storyboarding techniques, and editing.

Why Choose Our Summer School? Students engage in dynamic classes, diverse activities, and expert instruction. They connect with global peers while exploring vibrant New York City or our picturesque Pleasantville campus.

Join your students at Pace University English Language Institute for an unforgettable educational journey that combines language enrichment with practical, content-based courses.




     Discover your inner self with ZENGLISH: The New English Immersion Program on spirituality at Anglo-Continental

anglo continental


🔗 Anglo-Continental

 🔵  Edvisor ID: anglocontinental

 📍 Bournemouth, UK

🗃️ New Programs

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Anglo-Continental has joined forces with Bluebell to unveil a transformative new course: ZENGLISH. This innovative English Immersion program transcends traditional language learning by integrating elements of self-discovery and spirituality.

Scheduled to commence from April 21 to May 5, 2024, at the esteemed Anglo-Continental School of English in the picturesque locale of Bournemouth, UK, ZENGLISH promises participants an unparalleled experience.

Emphasizing enhancing English speaking skills, ZENGLISH distinguishes itself by delving into profound personal growth and spirituality themes. Students will embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the depths of their inner selves while honing their linguistic abilities.

Attendees can visit and connect with spiritual sites scattered across England throughout the course. Moreover, ZENGLISH provides a platform for individuals to forge meaningful connections with like-minded peers, fostering an environment conducive to personal and intellectual growth.

For students seeking a unique and enriching educational experience, ZENGLISH represents an unparalleled opportunity to broaden their horizons and foster holistic development. 



Canada implements Study Permit Cap and Work Permit changes for international students


Canada has confirmed new changes regarding international students' study permits and Post-Graduation Work Permits. The Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, announced a two-year cap on new study permits to maintain integrity and sustainability in Canada's temporary resident levels. This cap is expected to decrease study permit applications by 35% in 2024, with further assessment for 2025.

Provinces will receive study permit caps based on their populations, with responsibility for allocation among their Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). However, postgraduate students (master’s and PhD) and elementary/secondary school students are exempt from this cap.

Effective immediately, international students must provide a ‘provincial attestation’ with their study permit applications. Public-private partnerships will no longer be eligible for the Post-Graduate Work Permit from September 1st, 2024, due to concerns over oversight.

On a positive note, master’s students will be eligible for a three-year Post-Graduation Work Permit starting in September, addressing concerns over limited work experience for master’s students.

Dependents of international students will have limited work permits, with only spouses of master’s and PhD students eligible. These changes follow previous reforms, including stricter verification of acceptance letters and increased financial evidence requirements for study permit applications.

These measures aim to alleviate pressure on housing and services caused by increased numbers of international students. Minister Miller emphasized the importance of protecting Canada's immigration system while ensuring a positive academic experience for international students.



BC enhances protections for international students with new education standards


The British Columbia government has imposed stricter standards for Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) and paused new provider approvals until February 2026, mirroring Ontario's response to a federal two-year study permit cap.

This move targets ensuring quality education and student support, particularly at private postsecondary institutions, which will now undergo more frequent inspections and face higher standards for degree program approvals.

These standards include rigorous assessment criteria, proof of labour market demand for graduates, and enhanced student support, including housing.

Private training institutions must also meet new minimum language requirements to better prepare students for life and study in BC.  Public post-secondary institutions must adhere to maximum international student enrollment guidelines and develop international education strategic plans. Additionally, public colleges must transparently disclose total tuition costs upfront.

The measures aim to protect international students from exploitation and support their success, contributing to BC's labour market needs and economic growth. This announcement follows similar actions by Ontario, including guaranteed student accommodation and a stop on new public-private partnerships, as part of efforts to address exploitative practices in the education sector.




Ontario guarantees student accommodation and stops new school partnerships


The government of Ontario has rolled out new guidelines for its educational institutions to enhance the experience and safety of international students. Key measures include ensuring all colleges and universities offer guaranteed accommodation to incoming international students and conducting a thorough review of programs with high international enrolment to maintain the quality of education and its alignment with labour market demands.

Additionally, the province has temporarily stopped forming new public-private college partnerships, aiming to bolster oversight and ensure the quality of these educational collaborations.

This move comes in response to the federal government's recent policy changes, including adjustments to the eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program, which have raised concerns about the potential impact on student recruitment.

Ontario is home to several public-private educational partnerships, and the new measures seek to address challenges such as predatory recruitment practices, misinformation regarding immigration and job prospects, and the need for adequate student housing.

Minister Jill Dunlop emphasized the urgency of addressing these issues and strengthening the connection between Ontario's educational offerings and the province's labour market needs, particularly in fields like healthcare and skilled trades. The government is also focusing on improving oversight of private career colleges and taking action against unethical recruitment practices.

These initiatives are part of a broader effort to ensure international students have a positive and supportive educational experience in Ontario, contributing to the province's goal of attracting highly skilled individuals to study and work in the region.


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