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By Nira Santos

April 30th, 2024

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New student accommodation opens at the Top-Ranked Wimbledon School of English.



🔗 Wimbledon School of English

 🔵  Edvisor ID: wimbledonschoolofenglish

 📍 London

🗃️ Accommodation Opening

Wimbledon School of English celebrated as the UK’s top English language school, is excited to unveil Beverley Lodge, a new student house poised to welcome learners this June 15th. Located just 25 minutes by bus and 15 minutes by bike from the school, Beverley Lodge offers six en-suite bedrooms, currently refurbished to high standards for student comfort and convenience. 

In addition to its new housing option, Wimbledon School of English excels in its educational offerings. With over 20 years of experience running these courses, the school ensures optimal preparation for university studies. These sessions are held in a beautiful building with a large garden in the heart of Wimbledon, only 20 minutes from Central London. 

Wimbledon School of English has consistently been ranked number one among all British Council-accredited language centers since 2014, according to EL Gazette magazine's inspection results. The school offers a broad spectrum of English courses with flexible delivery options, including online training, one-to-one sessions, closed group courses, and traditional school-based learning for part-time and full-time courses.

The curriculum caters to various needs, from teacher training and university preparation to specialized programs for professionals such as doctors, nurses, and lawyers. The school also provides a comprehensive suite of examinations, including IELTS, Cambridge, OET (for health professionals), and TEA/TEAC (for pilots), all taught by highly skilled and dedicated trainers.



 IALC Conference spotlights technology in education, featuring Edvisor’s latest solutions

logo_ialc_blue_RGB (1)



 🔵  Edvisor ID: ilac

 📍 Cardiff, United Kingdom

🗃️ Events


Last week, the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) held its annual conference in Cardiff, emphasizing integrating technology into language education. The event, hosted by the Celtic English Academy—the sole IALC member in Wales—took place over four days at The Parkgate Hotel. It featured a diverse agenda, including business-to-business (B2B) meetings, educational seminars, and evening events.

A dominant theme at the 2024 conference was using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) in language education. Keynote speaker Misty Wilson, Chief Learning Officer at Immerse, delivered a compelling presentation on "Bridging Worlds: How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Language Teaching and Learning." 

Philippe Taza, CEO of Higher Education Marketing (HEM), led another seminar on leveraging ChatGPT in international education. He provided practical advice on effectively using the AI model for data analytics and marketing, helping schools and agents identify and attract students and partners based on unique selling points.

A significant highlight of the conference was the introduction of the IALC Agency portal, demonstrated by Jamie Gibbs of Edvisor. This new B2B platform allows schools to connect directly with agents, including those not previously affiliated with Edvisor, thereby broadening their reach and enhancing collaboration.

Gibbs emphasized Edvisor's value, stating, "By having a profile on Edvisor, you are visible and available to those partner agencies." He also announced that the same technology used by Edvisor would now be accessible to non-Edvisor agents through the newly launched Agency Portal.

The conference covered a wide range of topics, from sustainability in education to strategic sales practices, in addition to AI and VR. The Seminars presented by Michelle Brown of Guardme presented insights on mitigating the impact of cancellations International Insurance and creating an Ideal Client Avatar led by Nicola Lutz, which aimed to enhance client connection and sales conversion.

The next IALC workshop is set to take place in Auckland, New Zealand, promising another year of innovative educational insights and advancements.



 Oxford International Education Group launches new adult social care courses to address UK worker shortage.



🔗 Oxford International

 🔵  Edvisor ID: oxfordinternational

 📍 London/Oxford

🗃️ New Programs

The Oxford International Education Group (OIEG) has introduced two new adult social care courses to address the UK's critical shortage of care workers. Accredited by City and Guilds, these programs are designed to enhance the qualifications and readiness of individuals entering this vital sector.

The Diploma in Adult Social Care is an entry-level qualification targeted at individuals already working in care settings or those who can secure a work placement either in the UK or their home country. This course offers the flexibility of remote, asynchronous learning under tutor supervision.

In contrast, the Professional Diploma in Adult Social Care is delivered at OIEG's pathway centers in London and Oxford. This program combines face-to-face tuition with practical experience in care settings, providing a comprehensive training experience.

Upon completing either course, graduates will be eligible for a UK skilled worker (health & care worker) visa, expanding their career opportunities within the UK. These initiatives are part of OIEG’s strategic expansion into vocational training, including offerings through their pathway colleges and the online Digital Institute.

Lil Bremermann-Richard, CEO of OIEG, expressed pride in the launch: “Launching these accredited vocational courses in the UK, particularly with scholarship options available, is a huge milestone for us." Gary Palmer, Managing Director of OI Digital Institute, emphasized the critical need for these programs, stating, “The UK is at a crunch point: we simply do not have enough people entering the health and social care sector."

Established in 1991, OIEG has a long history of partnering with higher education providers for pathway programmes and recruitment services. It also offers vocational, online digital, and English language programs across Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA.



Canada announces new study permit allocations


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has released a detailed list of provincial allocations for international study permit applications in 2024, following an announcement by Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. This move is in response to adjusting the influx of international students based on the number of expired permits.

The IRCC has established a national cap on study permit applications corresponding to the number of study permits expiring this year. Provinces and territories have received allocations based on their population shares, leading to significant changes in the number of permits issued.

Ontario will experience the most substantial decrease, with a 62% reduction in study permit applications compared to 2023. Last year, Ontario approved 239,753 study permits, but only 152,394 applications have been allocated for 2024, with an anticipated approval of 91,436 permits.

British Columbia also faces a notable reduction, with a 47% decrease in the number of permitted applications for 2024, amounting to 53,638.

Conversely, some provinces, like Alberta, Newfoundland, and Labrador, will see increases in permit approvals at 23% and 147%, respectively. Nunavut stands out with a dramatic 7,753% increase, moving from only five approved permits in 2023 to a projected 236 in 2024.

Minister Miller emphasized the ongoing collaborative efforts with provinces and territories to strengthen the International Student Program and support international students’ success in Canada.

You can access the full list and details here for a complete overview of the study permit application allocations and further statements from the IRCC.



Scotland launches migration service to support international students and employers.


Scotland has introduced the first phase of its new Migration Service, a tailored program designed to assist international students, newcomers, and employers. This initiative mainly focuses on aiding international students in their final year at Scottish universities or colleges who wish to remain in Scotland after graduation.

It also supports recent arrivals within the last six months, Scottish employers seeking to hire international workers, and foreign investors interested in starting or expanding businesses in Scotland.

The Scottish government has outlined that the service will provide crucial information and individual appointments to facilitate the transition to life in Scotland. Additionally, it will assist businesses in navigating the complexities of the immigration system with support from qualified advisors.

Migration Minister Emma Roddick emphasized the significant role of "New Scots" in enriching Scotland's society and economy. "They are also vital to meeting our population needs," Roddick stated, highlighting the goal to simplify the immigration process, especially post-Brexit, to attract skilled international workers and support business expansion.

This service is expected to expand later this year, aiming to include support for individuals outside of Scotland interested in relocating.

In 2023, Scotland's higher education sector reported a substantial number of international students, totalling 82,440. The University of Edinburgh ranked as the third most popular UK university for international enrollees, hosting 18,050 students.

For more information on the new migration service, interested parties can find further details here.


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