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Elevate Your Student Fairs with the Power of EdCommerce

By Marta

Oct 25, 2023

We always talk about the many uses you can give to your EdCommerce landing pages, but this time, we’re bringing you something that will blow your mind! 🤯

Gone are the days when a student fair meant just setting up booths and distributing brochures.

Today's students are digital natives. They want real-time information, seamless interactions, and a user-friendly environment. And that's precisely where EdCommerce sweeps in to save the day.

In this article, we'll explore how EdCommerce can boost your sales and bring technology to your student fairs.

⭐ Your Custom Landing Page: The Heart of the Fair

With EdCommerce, creating your own online storefront is easy. You can design a special landing page that highlights the courses you most want students to see.

This landing page can feature the promotions and courses you aim to promote during the event, pulling all the information from Edvisor, so you don't have to spend time on manual data entry.

You've got options for how to use this landing page at your fairs. For example, your team could use it as a digital catalog, or you could take it a step further like Class Education did. They installed self-service kiosks around the venue, allowing students to walk up and discover courses on the spot!

Photo Collage Polaroid Travel Instagram Story (1)🔹 Real-time Quotes that Make Real-time Impact

Students want fast, clear answers about cost. EdCommerce's real-time quoting gives them just that. No more guessing—students can see right away how much a course will cost. This helps them decide faster and boosts the enrollment rates of your student fair.

🔹 Transparency That Builds Trust

EdCommerce doesn't just let you showcase programs—it lets you tell your whole story.

Put your institutions front and center, detailing not just the course offerings but also the brilliant minds who teach them and the state-of-the-art facilities where the learning takes place.

EdCommerce gives students all they need to make well-informed decisions. Elevate their fair experience and keep them engaged long after they leave.

🔹Instant Bookings and On-the-Spot Payments

Forget tedious paperwork and back-and-forth follow-up emails. We've changed the game.

With EdCommerce, students can book courses and pay deposits right on the spot, all thanks to our seamless edWallet payment platform that will soon be available across all our platforms 🤫.

Students can sign up and pay—all while still at the fair. It's the future of student fairs, and it's boosting enrollments like never before.

🔹Data Insights That Guide You

Skip the guessing game and get a real-time pulse on attendee interests, popular courses, and engagement levels. You're not just a part of the event; you're in control of it.

EdCommerce's analytics engine allows you to track not only website traffic but also the types of quotes students are generating, as well as the effectiveness of various course and campus promotions.

This empowers you to make data-driven decisions on the fly and achieve tangible results at your fair, based on real data instead of people's perceptions.

🔹It's Not Over When It's Over

Don't let the closing bell of the student fair be the end of your engagement.

EdCommerce packs the power to take your event from the physical to the digital realm effortlessly.

Once the in-person fair wraps up, you can seamlessly shift to a virtual platform. Your educational programs continue to attract a broader audience, extending your reach and enrollment potential well beyond the event itself.

The Future is EdCommerce 🚀
Elevate Your Student Fairs with the Power of EdCommerce cover (1)

So, are you ready to level up? In a world that's moving fast, you can't afford to be left behind. EdCommerce offers you the tools, features, and insights you need to make your next student fair a resounding success.

It's more than technology; it's your competitive advantage, your ticket to higher enrollments and an elevated brand reputation.

Want to give it a try? Schedule a call with Juan, our EdCommerce mastermind, or register here to get started.

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