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5 Reasons for Educators to take their prices digital

By Edvisor

Oct 14, 2022

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, it is more important than ever for educators to keep up with the latest digital tools.

Through the use of industry-specific technology, educators can digitize prices for products and services, streamline sales efforts, and even remove unnecessary steps from internal workflows.

By digitizing prices educators can ensure that students and agents have access to the latest promotions and prices for available programs that are updated in real-time, save time, offer pricing guarantees to partners, and easily communicate promotions with interested students or agencies.


Table of contents

  • Share price updates in real-time
  • Save time
  • Ensure pricing accuracy 
  • Save money
  • Flexibility and dynamism

Share price updates in real-time

With digital pricing, you can update your network of promos and pricing changes in real-time and even skip the printer!

Updating prices can be a lot of work, especially when there are errors, new promotions, different market demands, or even inflation. If you don't work with digital pricing, in order to make an update you need to create new price lists, email them to multiple parties, double-check that they've been received and try to ensure partners are using the most current pricing.

You might also need to update all your brochures, print them and deliver them to different places. With digital pricing, you only need to update your pricing once and everyone can feed from that information in real-time.

Digital pricing can help streamline the process of updating prices and easily communicate updates and changes to partners and students. 

Save time
Work with a central source where your entire network receives updates at once! Save time contacting each agency or updating brochures.

Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails, phone calls, Whatsapp messages, and managing multiple methods of communication!

With digital pricing, educators can simply update the price in the organization's profile which becomes immediately accessible by any interested agent or agency and easily quoted to interested students. This eliminates the need to print new flyers or send multiple emails with updated pricing information. 

Ensure pricing accuracy

Gain the ability to fix errors right away across your network and even add pricing guarantees like EdCover!

If the information agencies provide to students doesn’t match what the institution or school is offering or charging, it can create a big problem.

As humans, it is inevitable that we will make pricing mistakes from time to time. However, when you work with digital pricing, fixing a pricing error only takes a few minutes, which can efficiently alleviate any stress or discomfort.

Digital pricing even opens up a world of new opportunities to ensure pricing accuracy, for example, at Edvisor we guarantee your prices with EdCover. If there is an error, Edvisor guarantees coverage on the payment of the difference. 

Save Money

By taking your prices digital, educators can save money on printing and other materials every time updates are needed.

This can help reduce the costs associated with maintaining physical price lists, and make it easier for agents and students to access accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Flexibility and dynamism

Make your prices more dynamic, launch push campaigns, and add last-minute promotions and seasonal offers to adapt to market demands.

Quickly create campaigns or promotions according to demand. For example, if you have a course that isn't selling well, you can easily create a 25% discount then add it as a promotion for some time and increase sales.

Since digital pricing allows you to update your whole agency network in real-time, it is easy to use dynamic pricing to launch last-minute promotions whenever you need!

Digital tools make it easy to change your prices to meet demand, and with these dynamic options at your fingertips, you can be sure they’re remaining competitive and always offering the best possible value to students.

Dynamic Pricing: the future of international education?
In a world where digital tools are becoming increasingly commonplace, digital pricing can help educators increase sales, and easily connect with more agents and interested students.

Dynamic pricing could enable educators to adapt prices based on various factors, such as demand and time of day. This type of pricing already transformed the travel industry years ago, and it is now gaining traction in other sectors.

Edvisor recently hosted a panel on dynamic pricing with several guest speakers from renowned agencies and education industry experts. Check out what they had to say about how dynamic pricing affects the international education industry. Watch the Recording!

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