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5 Key Marketing Actions to Launch Your Agency Portal

By Nira santos

May 29, 2024

Congratulations! You've built your Agency Portal – a powerful tool designed to streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and optimize the experience for your partner agencies. With this, you've completed 90% of the work, but the final 10% is just as crucial!

Now, it's time to unveil this exciting resource and generate widespread adoption within your network.

A well-crafted marketing strategy is essential for your school to ensure a successful launch and maximize the portal's impact. Here are 5 key actions to ignite excitement and encourage your agencies to embrace this valuable platform fully:


1. Kick-off with a powerful email campaign.

Kick things off with an email to all your agents. Tell them about your new Agency Portal, your school's one-stop shop for everything they need.

Begin with a clear, compelling subject line that sparks curiosity and encourages opening. Something like "Introducing Our Interactive Agency Portal: Simplify Your Workflow,” “🥳 New All-in-One Solution: Search, Quote, Book, and Pay Online!”,“✨ Discover a New Way to Work with Us: Meet Our Agency Portal!, or even personalize your email “💼 Sell [SCHOOLNAME] More Efficiently with Our New Tool!”

The body of your email should be concise yet informative, explaining what the Agency Portal is and why it matters to them. Highlight the most compelling benefits, such as streamlined access to up-to-date course details, ease of creating custom-branded quotes, and the ability to manage bookings and payments efficiently.

Incorporate engaging visuals such as screenshots of the portal interface, infographics summarizing the benefits, or even a short video tour. Visual elements break up the text, making it more readable and engaging!

Moreover, end the email with a clear call to action. Direct them to your portal URL, where they can sign up or log in to the portal. Ensure the process is as straightforward as possible.

Ah, and don't forget to segment your email list to tailor your messaging according to the needs of different agency groups, personalizing emails with the recipient's name.


2. Host an interactive and engaging launch webinar.

Launch your Agency Portal adoption by hosting a live webinar that guides your agencies through the account creation and navigation processes. This hands-on session is an efficient way to train all your agencies simultaneously. You can also conduct tailored sessions for specific markets to address unique needs and challenges.

Use a reliable webinar platform with interactive features like Q&A, live polls, and screen sharing to keep the session engaging. During the webinar, incorporate visual aids such as slideshows and live demonstrations to help clarify the portal setup processes and functionalities.

👉 These visual elements are crucial for helping participants visualize and understand the interface and its uses.

Finally, end the webinar with a solid call to action, encouraging participants to log into the portal and explore its features immediately. Record the session and make it available for those who could not attend, ensuring all your agencies have the opportunity to learn and engage. 

💡Need help? We’d be more than happy to help you prepare for your webinar or even participate in it. Just let your account manager know!


3. Amplify launch excitement through Social Media engagement.

Create a social media buzz to amplify your Agency Portal's launch. Utilize your B2B channels to plan and share engaging posts highlighting the new portal's excitement. These posts should focus on capturing the attention of your audience and building anticipation for the upcoming launch.

Encourage school marketers to actively participate by sharing compelling videos on their professional profiles. These videos should illustrate how the portal makes day-to-day operations more efficient. 

Also, including specific features like real-time quotations with easy access to marketing materials and showing streamlined communication tools can be very useful!

By effectively leveraging social media, you can create widespread awareness and enthusiasm, driving users to explore and adopt the new portal. 


4. Incentivize adoption with exclusive launch promotions.

Upon its launch, you can offer exclusive promotions that are only accessible through the Agency Portal to create a compelling incentive for agencies. These promotions could include special discounts on courses or accommodations. 

By effectively using exclusive offers as an incentive, you boost initial engagement and establish a pattern of regular use that can lead to long-term adoption and loyalty to the portal. 

This approach helps ensure that your agencies perceive the portal as a critical tool for accessing your school's best deals and resources.


5. Strengthen relationships with targeted outreach through personal email sequences.

Personal email sequences play a crucial role in the successful launch of your Agency Portal. As key ambassadors of this launch, school marketers should take the initiative to reach out directly to their agency partners. 

These emails should introduce the new portal and be personalized, demonstrating a commitment to supporting each agency’s needs.

Furthermore, these messages should offer direct support, provide contact information for further assistance, and encourage feedback. This approach facilitates a smoother transition to the new portal and strengthens the school's and its agencies' relationship.

By using personalized email sequences, school marketers can effectively communicate the value of the Agency Portal, encouraging its adoption and ensuring that agencies feel supported every step of the way. 

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