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5 Benefits of EdCommerce You Didn't Know About

By Marta

Sep 7, 2023

In the fast-changing world of education, new ideas are always shaking things up. One major game-changer is EdCommerce – our platform built to help schools and education agencies sell more, and sell better. 

In this article, we'll let you in on 5 cool ways to use EdCommerce that you might not have thought of.

1. You can do more than just B2C E-Commerce

While EdCommerce makes it easy for schools and educational agencies to set up e-commerce websites, its capabilities go far beyond just selling programs to students online. 

You can also use your sites as dedicated platforms for sub-agents, affiliates, brand ambassadors, franchises, travel agencies, alumni, and referrals. This expanded functionality allows you to market and sell your courses to a much wider audience, not just to prospective students directly.

This transforms advisors and partners into active sales channels. They can use a customized version of the platform to showcase courses, provide valuable destination insights, and manage bookings efficiently — all while pulling information from your Edvisor account.

2. You can fully customize the content for each sales channel

On EdCommerce, you can create unlimited sites, and personalize them depending on who's selling.

You can customize everything—add your logo, tweak the brand style, and even adjust the course information—to suit different audiences. For example, you could showcase language courses one way on an agency's website and present study abroad programs differently on a sub-agent's site.

You can also adjust pricing based on the region!

This flexibility makes your product more appealing to different groups, helping you build trust and get more bookings.

3. It improves and simplifies your booking process

The traditional booking process for educational courses abroad often involves a series of back-and-forth communications, including email exchanges and phone calls. 

With EdCommerce, this whole process becomes much simpler. Students and advisors can quickly communicate, find and share course information, calculate costs, and finish the booking right on the platform.

This streamlined approach makes everything faster and more convenient, so students can easily sign up for courses from anywhere!

4. It facilitates collaboration across all stakeholders

EdCommerce is not just a sales platform; it's a catalyst for collaboration and empowerment across your sales network. From partners to local advisors, everyone gets a role, making everyone more committed and effective.

For instance, schools can empower advisors to manage their own personalized sites, effectively turning them into brand ambassadors. This not only fosters a sense of ownership but also boosts overall engagement within your partnerships.

Or, you can equip local advisors—who are often more trusted by clients—with user-friendly tools for creating quotes, sharing information, and managing bookings directly.

This simplifies the sales process and leads to more successful transactions.

5. It provides a 360º View for Administrators

EdCommerce allows administrators to track how advisors and partners are performing, giving a complete view of the sales process. And the best part? All this information syncs with Edvisor, helping you monitor activities and stay on course with your sales plan.

Surprised by all the different ways EdCommerce can boost your educational sales? 😃 And this is just the beginning! 

Don't let your company miss out on these game-changing benefits. If you haven't tried EdCommerce yet, now's the time to jump in and revolutionize your sales strategy!

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