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3 Ways in Which the Agency Portal Can Transform Your Agency Training

By Nira santos

May 15, 2024

At Edvisor, we know that in the dynamic world of international education, keeping agents well-informed and trained is crucial for the success of schools and their programs. 

Traditionally, schools have relied on virtual meetings or calls, sending brochures, and distributing PDFs to share information about courses and promotions with agencies. However, this method presents several challenges, including the constant updating of information and the retention of knowledge by agents. 

This is where the Agency Portal changes the game, offering a centralized platform that simplifies and enhances the training process for agents.

Here, we will explore three ways the Agency Portal can transform your agency training.


Centralized access to updated information

One of the Agency Portal's most significant advantages is that it consolidates all vital information in one place. Schools can easily update the details of their courses, including prices, promotions and marketing materials, with the click of a button! ensuring that agents always have access to the latest information. 

This feature is essential, as it eliminates the need to send multiple updates and corrections, which can often be slow and prone to errors. With the Agency Portal, reliance on printed brochures and distributed PDF files is significantly reduced. 

These traditional methods require time and resources for production and distribution and can quickly become outdated, disseminating incorrect or obsolete information. 

By centralizing everything on the portal, schools ensure that information is accessible in real-time and easily updatable, ensuring that agents always have the most accurate and relevant data. This improves communication efficiency and enhances agents' confidence by providing updated tools for daily work.


Effective and Continuous Training

The Agency Portal not only provides information but also serves as a real-time training tool. 

Schools can guide agents through the portal during video conferences, showing how to make quotations and highlight specific promotions for each country. This makes the session more interactive and practical and facilitates agents' understanding and retention of information, as they can see and experience how to use the portal effectively. 

It is crucial to remember that agencies usually work with multiple schools, and providing them with a simple and efficient system like the Agency Portal can be decisive. The easier and more accessible the platform is for agents, the greater the chances they will prioritize selling your courses over those of other institutions. 

This ease of use ensures that agents can focus more on promotion and less on managing information, which translates into greater effectiveness at the time of sale. 

By reducing administrative workload and improving access to necessary information, the Agency Portal becomes an indispensable tool for agencies to maximize their efficiency and, ultimately, boost the sales of their courses more effectively.


Efficient Management and Communication of Agencies

The Agency Portal simplifies the monitoring and management of connected agencies and reinforces constant communication between schools and their partners. 

Every time an agency registers through the portal, schools receive email notifications, facilitating immediate follow-up. In addition, the 'Manage Agencies' feature in the Edvisor account tags these agencies with 'Agency Portal,' allowing schools to effectively identify and manage partners who use both their own Edvisor platform and the Agency Portal.

To maximize the portal's utility, keeping it as a central element in all critical communications, including emails, social media, and meetings, is essential. This constant practice ensures that agents are always well-informed and engaged, with easy access to the most up-to-date information on prices and offers. 

Keeping the portal at the forefront of all interactions not only improves the visibility and accessibility of the information but also makes the portal the main resource for agents, reinforcing its continuous and effective use.



The Agency Portal fundamentally transforms the way schools train and inform their agents. By providing a centralized, updatable, and easy-to-use platform, the portal improves the efficiency and effectiveness of training. It ensures that agents always have the most current and relevant information

In a world where precise and timely information is key, the Agency Portal stands out as the best solution for training your agents and keeping them up-to-date with your courses.

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